The Origins of Acupuncture

Reading the Journal of Chinese Medicine this evening ( I came across the most extraordinary article. A novice archaeologist on her first dig at the Old Man of Wilmington was helping to unearth a sacred circle at the base of the Old Man of Wilmington. She picked up a piece of slate with unusual man-made markings on it. The picture of the slate was circulated to every university in the world. A colleague in Saudi Arabia matched the markings to an acupuncture text that his wife owned. The markings perfectly matched the lung meridian with an anatomically correct diagram of the diaphragm. Carbon dating confirmed the age of the slate as 9000 years before Christ. This pre-dates any Chinese record of acupuncture by many thousands of years. Could the practice of acupuncture have been common knowledge in England and used by healers? Perhaps these healing practices were known in many parts of the world? It would be wrong to assume it is “British” in origin. Who knows where else we might unearth healers at work?