Help with Balance

John was recommended about 18months ago .I have multiple problems due
to falls and my FND
John has helped with my spine alignment ,gives me exercises to help
with my balance and keeps me out of pain.I cannot imagine
how I would be without the treatment and help that he has given.He is
totally professional and has so much knowledge .
Thank you, Sylvia Haynes

The 5th Emergency Service

John has been helping my wife and I for over 10 years with various back, neck and shoulder problems.  John is an exceptionally talented healer, whose knowledge of the structure and interconnectivity in the human body is amazing.  It helps him get to the route of a problem quickly a deliver real solutions to many body issues.  I’d trust John completely and thoroughly recommend him.  He goes the extra mile, even coming out to a garden centre car park on a Sunday afternoon once to help me get home when my back disintegrated on me whilst lifting compost.  I call him the ‘5th Emergency Service’, but even if it’s not an emergency, I’d give him a try.  Mike Paice, Milton Keynes

Back Pain

Hi John Thanks for your wise words and healing hands! After tearing my lower back muscles, you have shown me that a re-alignment of my posture is necessary to achieve a long term cure. My back is the best it has been for decades, many thanks! regards Phil.

Frozen Shoulder

I went to see John Originally for a frozen shoulder that had been treated locally, and expensively, without success. After having a few sessions my shoulder is now pain free. I returned to John for treatment on a pulled muscle in my back and again after one session this time I am completely pain free again. I would have no hesitation in recommending John for treatment as he has now helped both myself and my husband in a lot of different situations.  Susan Tissington

I would like to express my gratitude to John for giving me my life
back as I haven’t been able to walk for four years due to muscle
damage, doctors couldn’t help me and had to look forward to a
wheelchair for my future. Thank you John for caring about my illness
and getting me back walking again.
I am forever grateful Gillian Lewis, South Wales

Sports Injuries

Perfect in healing:
John has treated me, my husband and sporty children for many years
now. He is truly amazing at quickly establishing issues and rectifying
them without lengthy expensive treatments. I could not recommend him
highly enough,  Charlotte Madgin.

Age is no barrier

Before coming to John for years I had been using a walking stick.Now I walk without the stick. I can get up and down easily. I have been through a lot with stomach cancer so this has been a great relief. Perhaps I can start my yoga again?  Joan Hind (82)

 Treatment for Badminton injury

I started to have back problems which stopped me from playing
Badminton. 2 sessions with John and a session on regular stretches has
done the trick and I am now back playing. Great job thanks very much.
 Chris Canavan

 Knee Dislocation

I would just like to thank John for all the work he has done on me.
About two years ago i really hurt my knee, i went to the hospital and
they said it was just a sprain, and put me on lots of tablets. The knee
got worse over a few days so i went and saw John. My knee was
dislocated. John put my knee back in and told me to rest and to slowly
start doing excersise to help the knee to get strong again. It started
to feel better as soon as he put it back in. About a month a go i went
and saw John as i was in a lot of pain in my back and neck, John saw
me and put it right, i feel so much better.I had a little baby a year
ago now, and when he was born he kept screaming in pain and would not
go to the loo. I took my son to John, John checked him over and found
out he had a twisted belly, and a lot of tention. John booked me in
for another 4 treatments to see my son, after the first treatment my
son started going to the toilet, and bye the end of the treatments my
son was a different baby. John is amazing with the work he does thank
you. I give John a 10 out of 10.   Jenny Armitage


After a year of pain and visiting numerous chiropractors and physios with no pain relief I was recommended John by a friend. Since seeing him my condition has improved almost 100% many thanks.  Joe Smith

Repetitive strain injury

I cannot thank you enough for the exercises that you gave me for my wrist. I had been playing guitar for 40 years plus. Then my wrist gave me too much pain to play and i could not play for 6 years. This was heart breaking. After working through your exercises I can now play again.   Many thanks to you,  John Townshend

Dancing injury

I can’t begin to tell you just how grateful I am for what you’ve done with my foot. If it weren’t for you, I never would have been able to qualify (for the world championships in dancing)…
I went to see John because my foot was excruciatingly painful. Within seconds of seeing me, he pointed out my uneven hips, something I thought had resolved itself years before. Clearly not, because this proved to be one of the main causesof my dodgy foot.
I dance competitively and was distraught at the thought of having to give up. I’d sought treatment at a private hospital and was sorely disappointed. The treatment was aggressive and achieved absolutely nothing. John on the other hand, has a way gentler approach. I hobbled into his and skipped out. I can honestly say, I owe the fact I’m back doing competitive dancing to him.
He even sorted out problems I didn’t realise were such because I’d got so used to being in pain all the time. I only noticed when the pain had gone and it had co-incided with a visit to him.
He is extremely knowledgeable , incredibly generous, has a brilliant sense of humour, but I don’t think he even appreciates just how amazing he is. If I could I’d bottle him and spray him on demand because he is such a genius.
If you are visiting this site and wondering whether you should see John or not, my advice to you is this: don’t waste time wondering – just call him and make an appointment. I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.
Livvy (Olivia) Clarke.
John’s holistic approach …has brought a huge amount of relief…
“In the summer I suffered a trapped nerve in my wrist, following several rounds of very incompetent golf – generally, from where I was hitting the ground instead of the ball (!).
It seemed like a minor thing at first, but after a few weeks it was showing no sign of going away and was beginning to make me feel sick, with a very worrying numbness in my third and fourth fingers.
John’s holistic approach, through a combination of treatments (massage, manipulation, acupuncture), has brought me a huge amount of relief. I had thought that the problem was wholly in my wrist, but actually problems in my elbow and shoulder were almost certainly the trigger, and had gone un-noticed for years. The power in John’s hands when applying massage is remarkable.
So, many thanks to John 10 / 10 – (by the way, he’s also a really nice guy, something of a polymath, and great to talk to).”

I am back in gymnastics and having almost no problems at all…

Thank you so much for what you have said and done, i regularly do the excercises i had been given and i havent had much pain at all it has helped me so much! If you are looking to go here i recomend it because it is very helpful and is worth the money, I had a really bad back that used to hurt whilst walkin now I am back in gymnastics and having almost no problems at all. Thank you again for seeing me and giving me advice about my injury it was really helpful!!
Jessica Wright.

Treatment for Back Pain

“I wish that I had come to see you long ago…”
I just can not express my thanks to you for your wonderful manipulation of my back; it has not felt this good in years.
I wish that I had come to see you long ago, and if it occurs again I shall not hesitate to contact you again
Pauline Winward

“…the swiftest results I have ever experienced.”

Thanks to John, I was able to complete the London Marathon I was training for in memory of my father-in-law. I have since visited John again. Thanks to his holistic approach John has achieved the swiftest results I have ever experienced. It is refreshing to meet with someone so knowledgeable and with the integrity not to try and sell the latest gimmicks. I have been treated by various physio’s and osteopaths over the years and now John’s is the only number that I will need. Many thanks John.
– Chris Nicholson

“John literally changed my Life!!”

I had been suffering for 2 years with dreadful back pain that was stopping me from living a normal active life. I had been threatened with surgery, been in hospital and had endless physiotherapy appointments (all at great expense). John was recommended to me by a number of people and after just two visits my pain had gone, I was walking upright and I felt fantastic. John is extremely professional and competent and I have recommended him to my friends and family. Thank you John ! Stars: 5
– Mignon French


“…ability to fix things is quite remarkable.”
I went to see John with a pulled hamstring on the Friday (he also checked my recent dislocated shoulder earlier in the year) and I had a gymnastics competition at the weekend. He sorted it out a treat and I was able to compete all my routines and we won so a bonus. The improvement of my hamstring just in the session was brilliant. His depth of knowledge is excellent and the ability to fix things is quite remarkable. I have been to many physio’s and I am studying physio at uni at the moment and John is the best I have come across. You will not come across someone more passionate about the body and the love to help people and fix things. I will definitely go back to John with any other injuries (hopefully there will not be any). :D.
Sam x
– Sam Gavrovski – 5 stars
“…a new-found confidence in holistic therapies.”
I made an appointment to see John at short notice over the weekend as I was in a lot of discomfort due to shooting pains in my right shoulder. I was previously a little sceptical about the benefits of physiotherapy and other associated therapies as I have struggled to receive a good level of service and advice in the past. However, due to the amount of discomfort that I was in, I took a friend’s recommendation and booked a same-day appointment to have John take a look at my shoulder. I was extremely impressed by John’s extensive knowledge of the shoulder’s anatomy and he quickly diagnosed the problem within the joint and promptly resolved the impingement that had been causing me so much discomfort. Before I left, John gave me a couple of exercises to help ease the joint and I’m pleased to say that after a pain-free night’s sleep that my shoulder now feels a lot better. I have passed on my recommendations to several friends and co-workers already and I will certainly be calling on John’s expertise in the future with a new-found confidence in holistic therapies.
– Chris Wright – 5 stars
“Thanks John you are a Star”
I went to see John after he was recommended by a work colleague. A change in job found me sitting more than I had ever done which was having a knock on effect on my fitness, posture and shoulders combined with a nagging problem with my knee and hip after a fall during my skiing holiday. After the first session with John my knee and hip were improved but the immediate difference was in my shoulders I felt “uncurled balanced and much taller”. After the next two sessions I feel so much better in myself and it has given me the confidence to get exercising again – Thanks John you are a Star.
– Sue Channon
“…after three 30min sessions I am now pain free.”
With a history of Scoliosis and after suffering from severe lower back pain for over a year an Orthopaedic Surgeon diagnosed degenerative disk disorder. I was advised that physio and injections in my back would help to manage the pain but nothing else could be done. For a 30 year old with a young toddler you can imagine this was not ideal and very upsetting to hear. I attended 17 physio sessions and did not feel any improvement. I went onto John’s website and The following day I went for my first session. I found John to be very welcoming and professional. He reassured me that he could help and I am pleased to say that after three 30min sessions I am now pain free. I can not express enough how grateful I am to John, he really must have a gift! I have no hesitation in recommending him.
– Sarah Findley – 5 stars
“John looked after our family’s health for years”
John looked after our family’s health for years. He treated my husband on several occasions when he suffered with back problems for years. John treated my daughter Amber from the age of 14 when she had a school accident in PE – she is now 20. She went to see him after a car accident and both times she came away painless. He has treated me for neck problems. Also he treated my daughter in law and she was delighted with the results. We as a family would not hesitate in recommending John to any one. We believe John has a special healing gift. At all our appointments John acted in a professional and confident manner. We are in no doubt that we would return to John Perrott for treatment again and again.
– Hayley Ladd

Spinal Alignment

“He has been wonderful in aligning my spine…”
Had awful back pain, could hardly walk. Painkillers and acupuncture didn’t help. I went to see John. He has been wonderful in aligning my spine and I am just starting to exercise again. Thanks John, couldn’t have managed this without your help.
– Olu Lewis – 5 stars

Treatment for shoulder injury

“I have always recommended John to friends and colleagues…”
I saw John many years ago for shoulder problems and found him to be very professional and also very competent. He not only put my shoulders back to being pain free but was also very courteous and gave me lots of help and advice. I have always recommended John to friends and colleagues at work and would have no hesitation in doing so again and again.
– Sanjay Patel

Treatment for Whiplash

“…wonderful ability to heal … I feel no pain…”
I have just received treatment from you for whiplash injury. On my first visit I was advised I may need 8 sessions. On the second visit I started to feel major improvements. Not always being aware of how an injury to the neck can have an effect on the whole spine, when I had my hips checked and felt such pain in the center of my spine I was surprised. After some manipulation on my next visit I was free of pain in this area and no longer felt lop sided. My third visit involved deeper manipulation as with time and support, plus doing exercises I was advised my muscle had become more relaxed.
And I am amazed to say at the moment I feel no pain or headaches. So I would like to thank John for his wonderful ability to heal and enable me get on with the rest of my life. May he be allowed to continue in this work for many years to come.
– E Burley
“John has an amazing healing talent.”
I saw John a few years ago when I had back problems and remembering how excellent he was I got back in touch when I started suffering with sciatic pain. I went feeling very down and scared to move having suffered severe pain and came out after the first visit feeling 10ft tall and like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. After another 2 visits I was pretty much back to normal and able to walk and move freely. John has an amazing healing talent and is so intuitive about the body and the way it is working, or not working! John, thank you so much for your help.
– Tracy Pearce – 5 stars
“…none … made such an instant impact… relieved the pain on my first visit”
I had been suffering from niggling back pains for a couple years and seen many osteopaths and physios. I went to see John as an holistic therapist. None of them made such an instant impact as John did. He relieved the pain on my first visit, is very professional and has a great wealth of knowledge. I would not hesitate recommending him to my friends and colleagues.
– James Madgin – 5 stars
“…a man of the highest professional standard.”
John Perrott… a man of the highest professional standard. Accurate diagnosis, extremely skillful in administering his “magic” touch, resulting in the body returning to normality, within the shortest possible time.
– Paul Richards   [Mr Richards came with back pain after recommendation by his daughter]
“My life has taken on a whole new aspect”
I have suffered with chronic lower back pain since 1991. Doctors offered no hope, merely stating that I should learn to live with it. The condition was debilitating and my overall fitness level dropped alarmingly. For many years I was sceptical about seeing an osteopath but, during a particularly bad period, a friend recommended John instead. The results were much more than I dared hope; after two sessions I was free of pain and also far more mobile. John also showed me some simple stretching exercises which help if I ever feel that my back is going into spasm again. I’ve been to see John for two sessions on a subsequent occasion, during a stressful period at work when my back played up again. The results were practically instantaneous. I cannot explain how it feels to have no pain – for almost fifteen years I suffered back pain every day – the only thing that varied was the degree of pain. I am recovering my fitness and my life has taken on a whole new aspect. I would recommend John unreservedly.
– Andy Sims – 5 stars
“John is my first port of call “
John is brilliant at his job, driven by a desire to know as much as he can about the human body and what promotes and prevents its healing and recovery. For any muscular, skeletal or movement related problems for both my teenage sons and for myself, John is my first port of call before my GP. I have absolute faith in his ability to assess, diagnose and treat a problem that falls within his area of expertise and complete trust that he will refer me to another provider if my problem is outside of his skill set.
– Karyn Romeis
Went to see John shortly before Christmas having been in constant pain for over a year. John was my last resort for help in walking without pain in time for a planned a trip with my two children. He told me that I would be a bit stiff for a couple of days, after my first visit, but this would pass and I would be able to walk during my trip! I thought he was exaggerating until I felt the improvement, and I was able to spend a lovely Christmas up and about again – I felt like a teenager again, walking everywhere I could. I have seen John since and he is working on all my bits regularly (including acupuncture!) and I am feeling better and better all the time. I would recommend John to anyone as he treats the whole person, not just the site of pain. IT IS WONDERFUL TO BE PAIN FREE!
– Julie Gath – 5 Stars
Vanya is simply the best you will find for providing a personalised deep massage to address your body ailments. You will never want to go to anyone else for a deep and healing massage after you have been to Vanya. Fantastic.
– Brenda Robinson – 5 Stars   Vanya nows runs her own practice contact:
“…it’s a massive improvement…”
Just to let you know our crew won 3 out of 4 races at the Ryde and Shanklin regattas, we got picked to the post and came 2nd on one of them. Here’s a link to portsmouth university web site – see if you can spot me in the boat.
Thanks for all your help with my back and legs – its a massive improvement. – Steve
“I am much stronger and more mobile…”
“There is no ‘quick fix’ for my problem. Damage to the sciatic nerve has meant paralysis in the lower leg and foot. John has therefore had to deal with more than one problem viz. stimulating the nerves and nerve paths, work on the muscles which have become wasted through lack of use and teach me to walk again.
I am so grateful to him for his expert help and encouragement. There is no doubt that I am much stronger and more mobile because of his ongoing treatment. Thank you John.” – Delwen
“…it improved very quickly…”
“During the week-end of May 14th-15th, just a week after my retirement, my left shoulder seized up to such and extent that I could hardly use my arm. As my holiday was planned for May 28th, there was little time to improve the situation. As John had treated my son very successfully for back pain, I decided to go and see him as well. Luckily he had time to see me on Monday. After he had treated my arm it improved very quickly and within a week, doing the exercises John had prescribed, I can move my arm again as normal. I want to thank him for the excellent treatment that he has given me.” – Anneke Fluitman
“…she has recovered to a remarkable extent…”
“My wife has suffered a lot of back pain and leg pain for twenty years following a fall. After an x-ray we had accepted that pain killing drugs, although not entirely effective, were the only help. Since her first treatment by you, she has recovered to a remarkable extent and reduced the drugs considerably. On her behalf, we want you to know how grateful we both are for your treatment.” – John & Audrey Hooper
“The difference was truly amazing…”
I have suffered back/leg pain for many years but it flared up so badly some months ago that almost any movement was agony. I went to see John in desperation. I was amazed at how much he was able to tell me about what was wrong with my body – far more than anyone else had ever explained. It all seemed to make perfect sense. On the first visit he began to move me about and incredibly I felt no pain the whole visit. After some massage I got into my car to go home and realised that nothing had twinged. I felt like I had got my life back. The difference was truly amazing. John has given me some easy exercises to correct weaknesses and improve circulation, and as I do these I am aware of continuing improvement in my freedom of movement. I am extremely glad I was recommended to John.  – David Wyatt
“…we noticed a difference in Jack instantly…”
Jack was born with a noticeable click in his neck following a c-section delivery. We took Jack to see John at both 4 weeks and 6 weeks old – the treatment went very well, not only did the click disappear but we noticed a difference in Jack instantly – sitting on his “bouncing chair” and sleeping with his head in any position rather than always to one side. We were extremely impressed with the service, particularly how relaxed Jack was made prior to treatment. We would definitely recommend this treatment to any newborns and would like to thank John for helping Jack to be so happy and contented – most of the time!
Feedback by: Mark & Nikki. Rating: 5 stars (excellent)
“…encourages parts to stretch which I didn’t even know existed…”
As a rather mature, but decidedly competitive figure skater, I constantly ask ever more of my body and repay it by regularly bashing various parts of it on the ice. John patiently nurtures my bruised and aching joints and encourages parts to stretch which I didn’t even know existed. He then gives the best bottom massage ever! Thanks John.
Feedback by: Phillipa Cooper Lewis. Rating: 5 stars (excellent)
“…it was absolutely fantastic…”
I have seen John over the past few years for a number of reasons and have always found his treatment successful. But I felt it essential to make a comment on the last treatment. I had been to New York and had managed to get motion sickness from going up the Empire State Building, I had been suffering from it for over a week, had been to the doctors who gave me a few tablets and basically said you’ll have to wait for it to go. It was awful, I felt like I was on a boat all the time and suffering from a week long hangover! I contacted John not really knowing if he would be able to treat it, but he came up trumps. He would have to tell you the actual name of the treatment, but involved him changing the motion of my cerebral fluid and re- aligning the balance receptors in my ears. I woke up the next day, feeling a different person, I wish I had have gone to him sooner, it was absolutely fantastic.
Feedback by: Rebecca Symon June 26, 2006. Rating: 5 stars (excellent)
“…I managed to climb Snowdon with no ill effects…”
I went to John in March, suffering from a painful knee that made it so that I could not go up or down stairs without having some amount of discomfort. This would be worse after being on my feet for any length of time. We were having a family holiday in Snowdonia in April, which included climbing Snowdon, so I was keen not to be hampered in my efforts!! Almost as soon as John examined me, he ascertained that my knee was perfectly healthy, but the problem was with my sacroiliac joint. He manipulated this gently into place again, as well as doing some other manipulations, and gave me some exercises to do at home. He also explained a lot about how my body supports itself and helped me understand the reasons for good posture and movement. After two sessions, my knee felt a lot better, and has remained that way. The best thing was that I managed to climb Snowdon with no ill effects whatsoever!! I am so glad that a good friend recommended me to John and wish to thank him for his excellent treatment.
Feedback by: Beryl Spikings June 14, 2006. Rating: 5 stars (excellent)
“…wonderful in making life pain free…”
I was in so much pain and concerned for my future fitness before I went to see John Perrott. He has been wonderful in making life pain free and I am just starting exercise again.
Feedback by: Michele Campbell 2 Jun 2006. Rating: 5 stars (excellent)
“…an excellent experience…”
I found John very helpful in sorting out my back and neck problems. I called him in need of instant help and he fitted me in very quickly. After just one session I was able to drive long distances again without discomfort, where as before, I struggled to drive the 27 miles to work. His calming nature and accompanying exercises (to carry out at home) made this an excellent experience that I would recommend to anyone.
Feedback by: Peter Brierton 08-Feb-2005. Rating: 5 stars (excellent)
“…I’ve recommended him to many family members and friends…”
I have been going to see John for several years now for a variety of complaints from back/neck problems to sports injuries. In one or two appointments he has fixed any problems I’ve had. I’ve recommended him to many family members and friends and they have all experienced similar results. John is excellent at diagnosing the problem and providing the appropriate treatment.
Feedback by: John Crossley 27-Jan-2005. Rating: 5 stars (excellent)
“…been feeling so much better…”
I have suffered from back and shoulder problems on and off for a couple of years. In just 3 sessions John seems to have found the problem, which is not actually my back but my hip. I have been feeling so much better since.
Feedback by: Ian 02-Dec-2004 Rating: 5 stars (excellent)
“…able to exercise and do other things I enjoy…”
I had shoulder, knee and ankle problems for quite a while. John treated all of these in two sessions and gave me follow on exercises. After these I was able to exercise and do other things I enjoy.
Feedback by: David 12-Oct-2004 Rating: 4 stars (Very Good)

Sciatic nerve pain

I more than recommend John and his wife to anyone nervous but/or needing this type of treatment and kindness. His wife alone couldn’t be kinder and John is very gentle but clearly explains what he’s doing and why.
Following a squashed nerve in my spine I could hardly walk or move, but felt a huge relief after just one visit to John and have almost fully recovered after less than six visits.
I’ve already recommended John to my GP for other patients treatment. Glynis Hiles

Back Pain resolved

Back pain resolved!  It had been a couple of years since I’ve needed to see John, but recently my back had stiffened up and had become very uncomfortable. As usual, John found the route of the issue quickly and eradicated the problem.

Thank you John  Charlotte Madgin

Pain after shoulder injury

Following surgery for impingement on my right shoulder in January, sleeping at night was impossible and very painful, even after 4 months. I knew that recovery would take some time, but even with all the exercises, life was becoming intolerable. Conventional physio didn’t really do any good, painkillers were taking over my life, and I was unable to play my beloved golf !

I was recommended John and over a 4 week period, the change in almost everything was dramatic. John’s holistic approach, knowledge and ‘hands-on’ manipulation worked wonders even though a little ‘painful’ at times, which was all explained to me and never once became too much.
Now, 6 months from the op, sleeping is fine, and my golf has become enjoyable and pain free again”.
Thank you John.
Colin T

Rehab. for car accident

I have been seeing John for years, I can truly say he is amazing. I had a car accident a few years ago and physio made me worse, so I was recommended to see John and he got me back doing exercise and I became a Zumba instructor which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I hadn’t
seen him. Thank you for everything John.

Treatment for pain

“I would just like to say thank you very much for making me pain free. Just two visits and I feel great. Thank you John”
Margaret Parker.

Chronic pain

Hi john,just a message to thank you ,after having back pain for 4 years I am now feeling the best I have felt in years following my 4 treatments with you.I can now sit without being in agony and it feels great. Have a lovely xmas and if my back pain returns i know where to
come!  Hazel.

Trapped nerves

 Having been in extreme pain for 6 weeks with trapped nerves in my back and neuropathy, I had 45 minutes treatment from John and my pain had nearly disappeared!!! I had another session with him a week later and
the pain had gone. I really can’t praise this man enough, he is superb in his field, in fact I would say ‘the best’. He really is a Miracle Worker.” Mary Sivyour.

 Pelvic muscle balancing

I would like to thank John for the help he has given me. I was in terrible pain and my muscle tone had become very depleted after 3 years of problems and I felt my life was disappearing into nothingness, and I had only recently retired. The hospital said they had done as much as they could for me but then I was introduced to John who does not give up so easily!

He has given me a variety of treatments which helped reduce the pain and got me back on my feet. I have built up the muscle tone and am going from strength to strength, I just have a rather strange pelvis which slips out of alignment in any direction and exacerbates the pain from my degenerative discs, but a phone call to John and a treatment to re-align me and I can set off again working towards a more normal life.
He is very thorough and sensitive to finding the problems quickly, and never ceases to amaze me by his comprehensive background knowlege.
I certainly have a great deal to thank him for.         Linda Lumb

Treatment for sciatica

My back pain and sciatica was preventing sleep, and no amount of pain killers seemed to ease it.  After a couple of 45 minute consultations with John, involving a mixture of manipulation, massage and acupuncture it is 100 times improved.  Thank you John”, Pat Woodland
“I would personally like to thank John, for curing my Lower Back Pain which was a nightmare until I payed him a visit. He is one of the rare people, that you could call a true professional (in depth of knowledge and skills) in his field. He is kind and sympathetic towards your needs.Once again John many thanks for your service.

Kind regards, Bill Hughes

 Worth travelling from London

Thank you doesn’t seem enough for the pain free days I am having now.After my accident in February and seeing a osteopath twice a week in London the pain was getting worse. Needing to take action I came to see John and after 1 session for 60 minutes I am completely pain free.To me you are a miracle worker.                    Thanks x  Cheryl Wing Director

 Herniated disc sports injury

Thanks to John I’m pain free and back competing in sport.
I had a herniated disc that was giving excruciating sciatic pain. I could barely spend any time walking or standing, so life was miserable. I was about to have pain relieving injections in the hope of not having a second operation on my lower back. I have seen many practitioners in the hope of freeing my pain with no success, so John really was my last roll of the dice. After one session I felt some pain relief, and went away with great confidence after experiencing
his vast knowledge and very careful manner in the way he went about treating my condition physically and in his explanation to what was happening and what we hoped to achieve within 4 sessions. Amazingly after 4 sessions I was totally pain free, the relief of not having had intrusive injections or surgery and being back to sport so
quickly were fantastic. 4 months after my last treatment and I’m now into the last stages of training for the marathon, something that I never could have dreamed of before.   Nicholas Page

Freedom of movement

I am so glad that I went to see John. Having a long standing back problem, I was hopeful that he might be able to ease the pain if only temporarily. I was surprised that after my 1st visit, I felt light, supple, relaxed, pain free. That night I had my first pain free sleep in months. I awoke to a freedom of movement which I must have lost over a course of time without realising it. I could add so much more. Thank you  John.                                    Jean Williams