Stiff Neck,

Stiff Neck
I recently visited John on the recommendation of my daughter as I
suffered from a very stiff neck. I put the discomfort down to many
years of playing front row rugby union. On my first visit John
examined me from top to toe and that was where the problems were
starting. He found bones in my feet that were stuck and not moving.
This again due to an old rugby injury. John worked on me from toe to
head making little adjustments to my body as he went. The results are
amazing, my stiff neck now has considerable mobility and I can now see
up side streets as I drive by, I can walk without a totter, I can now
carry two cups of tea (one in each hand) without spilling any. I have
not been able to do this for over twenty years. For me John’s caring
and considered treatment has been a truly life changing experience.
Thanks again John,  Dave Horn