Child development and constipation



“John, I would not of been able to survive the two pregnancy’s with out you re-aligning my hips. I suffered from SPD that left me un able to walk for 5 months of my pregnancy. The only respite came from your treatments. Including the one you did on FaceTime when you taught my husband what to do to help relieve the pain!

You also treated my new born babies whilst they both suffered from constipation. I’m writing this whilst I’m sitting with our 11 week old gurgling next to us happy as he’s just relieved himself 3 times in the 10 hours since your treatment.

Thank you, I’m lucky to know you!”

– Zoe Evans

The techniques involve gently engaging the abdominal muscles and organs through the skin, applying pressure in one direction, holding and releasing. It is called myofascial release.