Child development

Children respond to physical and neurological input “I am mother of triplet baby girls. They were born prematurely and the motor development in one of the babies is delayed. She was experiencing some muscle stiffness and at times excruciating pain. I was recommended John one of my closest friends. We have now visited him twice and […]

John Perrott Shoulder Pain part 1

You might go to see a specialist about shoulder pain and leave with a diagnosis: It’s rotator cuff, a frozen shoulder, or impingement. The rotator cuff are four muscles that move the arm. The most vulnerable muscle is the one that runs under the end of the shoulder blade and inserts onto the top of […]

Prospector canoe Melrose weir

Backwoods Survival School

Recently I took part in a beach combing survival course on the shores of Loch Fyne. Here are my reflections on the course: Backwoods Survival School

A2 milk

Have you ever wondered why some people are milk intolerant but can take goats milk? We have been told that they do not produce the rennet as they grow older. The rennet is acidic and curdles milk ready for digestion. Then we were told that it is the lactose or milk sugar. Yet human milk […]

diagnosis of disease

One of the hardest times in living with cancer is the shadow time. For instance a physician might find an abnormal reading in a blood test. Physicians have a duty to tell their patients if they find anything out of the “normal” ranges. They make a diagnosis by asking for further tests to rule out […]

Causes of Pain, Physical or emotional

People use words and body language to describe pain. An ache is often a muscle, a sharp, intense pain on movement is often a ligament. A deadness, fizzy feeling or deep ache is often an irritated nerve. They say things like, It is in the bone, I feel like a body with a back pain […]


Diary Parents occasionally bring children (or even early teenage years) because of bed wetting. There is plenty of advice  on the internet but one often overlooked factor is the pelvic ligaments putting a strain on the bladder. When you are a foetus your bladder descends from your umbilicus as your body uncurls. The bladder remains […]

Baby talk, communication

Babies are not simplistic in their needs. They are fully developed human beings with the ability to express their needs without our “language skills”. They look wrinkled because they are in transition from a weightless water world to a world governed by the laws of gravity. They are thinking, trying to make sense of the […]

Phytic Acid

Phytic acid binds phosphorous into foods as a way of storing it. Phytase is an enzyme that breaks down phytic acid. It is found mainly in bran and the  coating of nuts and seeds. It is also found in soya. Phytic acid binds calcium, zinc and magnesium making them poorly absorbed. Thinking through why some […]

Fractures, Ligament strains, bone healing

A recent broken finger tip taught me a number of lessons that I would like to share with you. Winter camping on a beach in Anglesey is a wonderful experience, the stars, the stillness of the night, the spray frozen into a sculpture of leaves on the beach, the feeling that perhaps there were otters […]