Some migraines are caused by dural tethering. The dura is one of membrane layers that protect the spinal nerves. Amanda (not her real name) came to see me with her mother. She had suffered from headaches since the age of three. They were diagnosed as migraines. I examined her head and whole spine including the pelvis, sacrum and area around the coccyx. Knowing her father I asked if she had ever taken part in Judo. Yes she had, when did she first try Judo? At the age of three. The coccyx and sacrum are still fusing at that age. Falling onto that area would cause the dura mater (tough mother), sheath around the spinal nerves to tighten. That would affect the tension of the membranes around the brain increasing the pressure. Hence the migraines. We had five or six sessions during which she would ask me to check the membranes. Her headaches cleared after twelve years.