Hip operation, hip pain, pelvic girdle pain

The freedom to walk is a basic human right. For many people that freedom is curtailed because of complications after a hip replacement, pain in hip muscles, “piriformis syndrome”, “osteitis pubis”, weight gain through being unable to exercise or chronic fatigue syndrome. From meeting thousands of people with hip pain I honestly think that too many hip replacements were really to do with hip muscle imbalances creating tensions that led to wear in one hip joint or both sides. These comments came from a lady who has made a remarkable recovery after 4 years of suffering not only from hip pain but from negative comments and labels like osteitis pubis and, You will be in a wheelchair next and need a hip operation. Why can we not address the imbalances and give people hope instead of drugs and pessimistic prognosis?

I would like to express my gratitude to John for giving me my life
back as I haven’t been able to walk for four years due to muscle
damage, doctors couldn’t help me and had to look forward to a
wheelchair for my future. Thank you John for caring about my illness
and getting me back walking again.
I am forever grateful, Gillian Lewis, South Wales.