Sciatic nerve pain

I more than recommend John and his wife to anyone nervous but/or needing this type of treatment and kindness. His wife alone couldn’t be kinder and John is very gentle but clearly explains what he’s doing and why.
Following a squashed nerve in my spine I could hardly walk or move, but felt a huge relief after just one visit to John and have almost fully recovered after less than six visits.
I’ve already recommended John to my GP for other patients treatment. Glynis Hiles

Back Pain resolved

Back pain resolved!  It had been a couple of years since I’ve needed to see John, but recently my back had stiffened up and had become very uncomfortable. As usual, John found the route of the issue quickly and eradicated the problem.

Thank you John  Charlotte Madgin

Pain after shoulder injury

Following surgery for impingement on my right shoulder in January, sleeping at night was impossible and very painful, even after 4 months. I knew that recovery would take some time, but even with all the exercises, life was becoming intolerable. Conventional physio didn’t really do any good, painkillers were taking over my life, and I was unable to play my beloved golf !

I was recommended John and over a 4 week period, the change in almost everything was dramatic. John’s holistic approach, knowledge and ‘hands-on’ manipulation worked wonders even though a little ‘painful’ at times, which was all explained to me and never once became too much.
Now, 6 months from the op, sleeping is fine, and my golf has become enjoyable and pain free again”.
Thank you John.
Colin T
Rehab. for car accident
I have been seeing John for years, I can truly say he is amazing. I had a car accident a few years ago and physio made me worse, so I was recommended to see John and he got me back doing exercise and I became a Zumba instructor which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I hadn’t
seen him. Thank you for everything John.
Treatment for pain
“I would just like to say thank you very much for making me pain free. Just two visits and I feel great. Thank you John”
Margaret Parker.
Chronic pain

Hi john,just a message to thank you ,after having back pain for 4 years I am now feeling the best I have felt in years following my 4 treatments with you.I can now sit without being in agony and it feels great. Have a lovely xmas and if my back pain returns i know where to
come!  Hazel.

Trapped nerves
 Having been in extreme pain for 6 weeks with trapped nerves in my back and neuropathy, I had 45 minutes treatment from John and my pain had nearly disappeared!!! I had another session with him a week later and
the pain had gone. I really can’t praise this man enough, he is superb in his field, in fact I would say ‘the best’. He really is a Miracle Worker.” Mary Sivyour.
 Pelvic muscle balancing
I would like to thank John for the help he has given me. I was in terrible pain and my muscle tone had become very depleted after 3 years of problems and I felt my life was disappearing into nothingness, and I had only recently retired. The hospital said they had done as much as they could for me but then I was introduced to John who does not give up so easily!

He has given me a variety of treatments which helped reduce the pain and got me back on my feet. I have built up the muscle tone and am going from strength to strength, I just have a rather strange pelvis which slips out of alignment in any direction and exacerbates the pain from my degenerative discs, but a phone call to John and a treatment to re-align me and I can set off again working towards a more normal life.
He is very thorough and sensitive to finding the problems quickly, and never ceases to amaze me by his comprehensive background knowlege.
I certainly have a great deal to thank him for.         Linda Lumb
Treatment for sciatica
My back pain and sciatica was preventing sleep, and no amount of pain killers seemed to ease it.  After a couple of 45 minute consultations with John, involving a mixture of manipulation, massage and acupuncture it is 100 times improved.  Thank you John”, Pat Woodland
“I would personally like to thank John, for curing my Lower Back Pain which was a nightmare until I payed him a visit. He is one of the rare people, that you could call a true professional (in depth of knowledge and skills) in his field. He is kind and sympathetic towards your needs.Once again John many thanks for your service.

Kind regards, Bill Hughes

 Worth travelling from London
Thank you doesn’t seem enough for the pain free days I am having now.After my accident in February and seeing a osteopath twice a week in London the pain was getting worse. Needing to take action I came to see John and after 1 session for 60 minutes I am completely pain free.To me you are a miracle worker.                    Thanks x  Cheryl Wing Director
 Herniated disc sports injury
Thanks to John I’m pain free and back competing in sport.
I had a herniated disc that was giving excruciating sciatic pain. I could barely spend any time walking or standing, so life was miserable. I was about to have pain relieving injections in the hope of not having a second operation on my lower back. I have seen many practitioners in the hope of freeing my pain with no success, so John really was my last roll of the dice. After one session I felt some pain relief, and went away with great confidence after experiencing
his vast knowledge and very careful manner in the way he went about treating my condition physically and in his explanation to what was happening and what we hoped to achieve within 4 sessions. Amazingly after 4 sessions I was totally pain free, the relief of not having had intrusive injections or surgery and being back to sport so
quickly were fantastic. 4 months after my last treatment and I’m now into the last stages of training for the marathon, something that I never could have dreamed of before.   Nicholas Page
Freedom of movement

I am so glad that I went to see John. Having a long standing back problem, I was hopeful that he might be able to ease the pain if only temporarily. I was surprised that after my 1st visit, I felt light, supple, relaxed, pain free. That night I had my first pain free sleep in months. I awoke to a freedom of movement which I must have lost over a course of time without realising it. I could add so much more. Thank you  John.                                    Jean Williams