Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral rhythm

Your brain is protected by craniosacral fluid CSF, and the meninges around the spinal chord. A tough membrane called the dura mater (Latin: tough mother) protects these delicates structures. The dura mater is attached at the top of the neck and the base of your spine called the sacrum (sacred bone, seat of emotion). Sometimes chronic headaches are related to a fall or coccyx damage many years ago. A trained craniosacral therapist or cranial osteopath can detect very small changes in pressure in your head and many points in your body. By listening with our hands and fingers we can detect the movement of the brain like a sponge gently rocking in a bath.

The rapid rise of a lift in a skyscraper, paddling in a big swell at sea, repeated knocks on the head, birthing trauma, falls in snowboarding or martial arts, horse riding or motor accidents can all alter the craniosacral rhythm.

Treatment with craniosacral therapy

A trained cranial osteopath or craniosacral therapist can detect small changes of pressure in the head and many points on the body. By limiting the pressure change in one area they allow the body to re-direct the fluid to areas of apparent blockage. John Upledger used to refer to energy cysts. Imagine being hit by an object. The energy from the impact lodges itself somewhere else in your body, sometimes on the opposite side to the impact. “The problem is where the pain isn’t”.