Colic & wind in babies

A baby is in the process of transition from feeding via the placenta to feeding from the breast or bottle. The digestive tract of some babies is immature and not yet ready for the transition. Colic might be caused by an inability to digest the lactose in milk either from the breast or bottle. Lactase enzyme is available in drop form. If your baby has had anti-biotics their natural gut bacteria might be wiped out. Probiotics help to colonise the gut with beneficial bacteria. You could try Probio easy from Higher Nature. Green or yellow pooh might indicate bile in the stools meaning that the digestion is immature. White, chalky pooh is more serious. Sometimes a baby simply cannot get started in the first week of life. There are circular muscles around the anus that have to tense and relax. If they suffer from “projectile poohing” you can massage around the anus or put a glove on and use your little finger.It stimulates the reflex of the levator ani muscles and makes life easier for them.
Be aware with breast feeding that whatever is in your bloodstream will find its way into your infants body. Orange juice for instance might bring them out in spots. A mother I know went back to karate and her baby suffered colic. The lactic acid build up in her bloodstream affected the breast milk upsetting her baby.

Baby massage is of benefit. work in a clockwise direction around the abdomen, better still go to a class to learn.
If you live in Kent, UK, Remi Creed is a great teacher:

If you live within reach of Milton Keynes go and see Vanya:

or come to the clinic here. I do an after the birth check up for both mother and baby for the price of one session. I have developed a technique which I call ‘the wheelbarrow”. Holding the feet with one hand I work up the spine pressing with two fingers either side. Often when I reach T6 / T7 I find that the baby reacts by crying or goes quite. Gently mobilising this area has a positive response in quietening them down.
Birth Trauma is a major factor in subsequent colic. Imagine being in the womb while your mother is pumped with pethidin, injected with an epidural and put under anaesthetic. Imagine being stuck in a spine to spine (posterior) delivery then forcibly pulled out. Perhaps your hand is on your forehead at the same time? All these chemicals and hormones are in your bloodstream and have to be expelled through the urine or digestive tract.
If your baby is suffered go and see either a cranial osteopath or a craniosacral therapist. They might well hold the key to unlocking a peaceful life for your child.