Hip operation, hip pain, pelvic girdle pain

The freedom to walk is a basic human right. For many people that freedom is curtailed because of complications after a hip replacement, pain in hip muscles, “piriformis syndrome”, “osteitis pubis”, weight gain through being unable to exercise or chronic fatigue syndrome. From meeting thousands of people with hip pain I honestly think that too […]

Home Baked Bread

The first bread that I baked resembled a house brick, fortunately I persevered. My bread improve when I discovered the following principles: Choose strong flour that is within its best before date and sieve it before you use it. Bread flour has a higher gluten content than general baking flour. That is why it is […]

The Origins of Acupuncture

Reading the Journal of Chinese Medicine this evening (http://www.jcm.co.uk) I came across the most extraordinary article. A novice archaeologist on her first dig at the Old Man of Wilmington was helping to unearth a sacred circle at the base of the Old Man of Wilmington. She picked up a piece of slate with unusual man-made […]

Back pain, vertigo, blocked sinuses

I went to see John with a number of problems i.e Vertigo, blocked sinuses and back pain being the main ones, I can honestly say that after 3 sessions with him my back pain, which Doctors over the last 40 yrs have told me will always be there, has gone completely and with a series […]

Headache, migraine

Headaches can be caused by pressure inside the head from restricted blood flow, increased craniosacral fluid, hormonal imbalances, medication or recreational drugs, neck muscle tension, anxiety, anger, a blow to the head or sudden deceleration, or in rare cases a bleed or growth or tumour pressing on the brain. One sided headaches like migraine are […]

Gall Bladder, gallstones

Where is your gall bladder? Follow your ribs out to the right from the soft cartilage at the centre of the sternum. The cartilage is called the xiphisternum. Now tighten your abdominal muscles (if you can find them!). The gall bladder is buried in the folds of your liver just to the edge of the […]

Sports Injuries

Every sport or hobby places repetitive demands your body. Most sports injuries involve accidents, one sided techniques or compounding of life injuries. Let’s look at some examples taken from people who came to see me. Rowing A team of rowing four or eight favours one side or the other. You are constantly pulling more strongly […]

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) or Complex Regional Pain Disorder (CRPD) is an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS responds to stimuli, trauma, sudden insults, or viruses and other toxic substances. The signals travel to the brain from proprioceptors or through injured parts of the body. The limbic system that controls emotional or […]

Colic & wind in babies

A baby is in the process of transition from feeding via the placenta to feeding from the breast or bottle. The digestive tract of some babies is immature and not yet ready for the transition. Colic might be caused by an inability to digest the lactose in milk either from the breast or bottle. Lactase […]

Immune System – Eat foods in Season

Learn a lesson from the trout “When you first come to the river in the morning, with your rod beat upon the bushes or boughs which hang over the water, and by falling upon the water you will see what sorts of flies are there in greatest numbers. If divers sorts, and equal in numbers, […]