Recent Feedback

Back pain from fall at work “Thank you once again john Im feeling a lot more comfortable and relaxed . Very good at your job and very professional ” ┬áDax Meadows Severe back pain “Thank you John for your recent help. I was suffering with severe back pain and called on John for advice, even […]


Some migraines are caused by dural tethering. The dura is one of membrane layers that protect the spinal nerves. Amanda (not her real name) came to see me with her mother. She had suffered from headaches since the age of three. They were diagnosed as migraines. I examined her head and whole spine including the […]

Managing pain

We hope that if you have been to see me your level of pain will decrease. Pain is a message of dis-ease. My aim is to restore a degree of symmetry to your body and restore it to normal function. It is very rare for someone to be in pain all their life. Think back […]

Help with fertility treatment

I first came to john after many years of back pain after seeing multiple professionals John was the first person to actually resolve the level of pain I had been in. During my treatments, I had fertility treatment (IVF), ┬áJohn was able to assist with extra therapies to help along side my IVF treatments. John […]

Gentle manipulation and massage

I was recommended John’s expertise by my PT. John came highly recommended and it didn’t take long to understand why, I do not hesitate to recommend him. I had a car accident which prolapsed a disc in my lower back, I had used many chiropractors and seen various physiotherapists in the past but none had […]

Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement “I was encouraged to seek John’s help after I had disappointing advice from the hospital physio. I was due to go on a walking holiday with my family in Derbyshire, 9 weeks after my hip replacement, and had a goal of walking 4 miles with walking sticks. The physio said ‘impossible’! After 3 […]

Stiff neck and shoulders

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you John, for helping me with my shoulder and neck injury over the last few years. You never fail to relieve my pain & symptoms, especially this year when I committed to a sequence of sessions with you. Money has never been better spent. Your […]

Stiff Neck,

Stiff Neck I recently visited John on the recommendation of my daughter as I suffered from a very stiff neck. I put the discomfort down to many years of playing front row rugby union. On my first visit John examined me from top to toe and that was where the problems were starting. He found […]

Diaphragm breathing

Muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs are covered in an elastic stocking called Fascia. It is an interwoven connective tissue network. Stiff neck and hunched posture are affected by our posture when standing or seated. Correcting your posture takes repeated practice and observation of yourself. To observe your posture look at old photos or pictures taken […]

Child development and constipation

  “John, I would not of been able to survive the two pregnancy’s with out you re-aligning my hips. I suffered from SPD that left me un able to walk for 5 months of my pregnancy. The only respite came from your treatments. Including the one you did on FaceTime when you taught my husband […]