back pain, neck pain, pelvic pain,

Back pain mainly comes from strained muscles or ligaments. When your muscles are fatigued, or you sit for too long in a poor posture they become weak. Stretching or twisting strains the ligaments that supports your spine, shoulders and pelvis. Ligaments  resist being stretched and create pain.

The obvious causes are likely: poor posture, bad habits, crossing the legs, sitting awkwardly, draughts and cold muscles, sudden movements, reaching out and twisting, lack of exercise or holding the body in one position like cycling all day.

People describe pain very accurately. A dull ache refers to muscles. An sharp focus of pain often refers to ligaments, shooting pain refers to nerves.

  1. I take the view that most of us were born symmetrical. By restoring your body to symmetry we lessen the pain.
  2. Examine yourself. Try crossing your legs one way then the other. Which is easier? Stand and feel the bump at the front of your hips. Does one side feel forward or high compared to the other? Do you have a lump in the back just above your hips? Then I can help you to rapidly overcome your pain.
  3. You might experience headaches that relate to tension in your neck muscles or lower down your spine. A girl of 15 used to come with her mother. She had suffered headaches for 12 years. After careful history taking we worked out that she had first tried judo aged 3 and had fallen on her coccyx. The coccyx pain had tethered the spinal chord which linked to the membranes inside her head. She made a dramatic improvement with muscle energy techniques and craniosacral therapy.

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  1. Hi John
    I would like to say a very big thank you for the 2 sessions i had 2 weeks ago.
    I could not turn my neck for several weeks and also had an ongoing shoulder problem. both of these have disappeared since my 2 sessions with you, i am sleeping so good now with much relieve. After your massage I felt great. I went into hospital a few days ago for removal of a 5.7cm ovary cyst that was found on my MRI scan. When the surgeon went into remove the Cyst it also had gone.
    I am feeling on top of the world.I am not sure if you are a miracle worker or just my lucky charm. I will certainly be visiting you in future with any aches or pains, or even for just a massage. I will certainly recomending you to my family & friends, many thanks x

    1. Dear Karen
      I am really pleased that you made such good progress after the sessions. Do feel free to book in for a massage
      if you feel it would help you.
      best wishes

      John Perrott

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