Immune System Protection

Why do some people rarely suffer from colds and flu but others suffer badly? Here are some ideas to build a healthy immune system: Get enough sleep in Winter, catnap for 15-20 minutes during the day if you do not sleep for long enough at night. Avoid overheating or shutting the door of your bedroom […]

Fertility, Miscarriage

Chances of fertility and risks of Miscarriage Smoking and exposure to smoke is the highest risk factor of both infertility and miscarriage. The chances of becoming pregnant are lower the longer and the more you have smoked. Cigarettes contain over 100 potentially carcinogenic compounds. The smoke contains heavy metals that can lead to brain damage. […]


Glucosamine According to the British Medical Journal: “Compared with placebo, glucosamine, chondroitin, and their combination do not reduce joint pain or have an impact on narrowing of joint space. Health authorities and health insurers should not cover the costs of these preparations, and new prescriptions to patients who have not received treatment should be discouraged.” […]

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic Girdle Pain Pelvic Girdle Pain or Symphysis Pubis Disorder (SPD) affects about 70,000 women a year. It can cause extreme discomfort and difficulty in walking especially during pregnancy. There is no medication that will cure it . In our experience pelvic girdle pain is a condition that starts before pregnancy. It affects men & […]

back pain, neck pain, pelvic pain,

Back pain mainly comes from strained muscles or ligaments. When your muscles are fatigued, or you sit for too long in a poor posture they become weak. Stretching or twisting strains the ligaments that supports your spine, shoulders and pelvis. Ligaments ┬áresist being stretched and create pain. The obvious causes are likely: poor posture, bad […]