“Will I get treatment on the first session?” Yes you will. Arrive on time or a little early, complete a medical history, bring any relevant scans or reports. Then I will examine your posture, movement of joints, muscle strengths and give you hands on physical treatment if appropriate. I am passionate about helping your body to work well for you. You might need help with back pain, shoulder pain or feel that your body lets you down. I use a wide range of techniques to help restore your posture and make your life easier. You might feel or hear a joint release, that’s great, it simply means your body is responding to movement. My aim is to improve your circulation, flow of energy and improved nutrition through blood flow. I aim to achieve a balance between opposing muscles, treating the body as a holistic unit. The source of the problem is often not where you feel the pain.

Some people come once a month for deep tissue massage, acupuncture, restoring posture through myofascial release, or manual lymph drainage. Others need craniosacral therapy and gentle manipulation. I don’t do cracking joints and “putting discs back”. Go and see a chiropractor or osteopath for that. If you want a second opinion, someone to observe your movements and posture then recommend suitable exercises to aid recovery, go and see a physiotherapist. If you want on-going healthcare we can avoid many problems by a hands-on approach and sharing your health concerns. If nothing is wrong I will give a therapeutic massage and work through all your major joints to improve their smooth movement.